We are the best, the biggest, the only big band at Åbo Akademi University! We have been playing nonstop since 1957, and we would love it if you also joined us in our noble goal of continuing to cause maximum confusion for decades to come!

Our repertoire includes all kinds of music, from fast to slow, from waltzy to jazzy and rocky, from loud to not as loud, and from stupid to serious.

I want you to play at our event!

To book us, the most reliable way to contact us is to send us an email at! Check our calendar to see when we’re already booked, and include details about what kind of event it is, when it is, what kind of music you’d like to hear, etc.

I want to join you!

One of us…

I mean, great! Take all of your musical knowledge (whether that’s nothing at all, or you’re a highly educated professional musician), your instrument if you have one, pack it in a bag, and take it with you to our practice at Loftet (the basement of Geologicum) the next Monday at 18:00. (Check the calendar for exceptions to this.)

We will gladly welcome anyone regardless of how much you know about music from before.