Axelbandet, Åbo Akademi's biggest, greatest and only big band.

Axelbandet was originally a band made up of swedish speaking engineering students from Åbo Akademi, but nowadays we also have finnish/swedish/english speaking members from different subjects and colleges (Novia, Turun Yliopisto), exchange students (Europe, South America,...) and others with an interest in music.

The band was founded in 1957, so it has existed for over 60 years and has helped make many happy memories for bandmembers and audience alike. Our repertoire includes a variety of music styles (such as swing, rock, modern pop and all kinds of dance music).

We're mostly normal students who just happen to like music and each other's company, and we're quite sure you'd fit right in if only you gave it a shot.

We don't expect anyone to be the best in the world. We've had people learn to read notes and play an instrument from scratch, and we've had people who didn't bother with that, but still wanted to join in on all the fun behind the stage and after the show is over. I think they may have had the most fun to be honest.

Many would be positively suprised to learn how the lifestyle as an Axelbandit can bring you joy in an otherwise monotonous world. If you feel even the slightest bit of interest, I hope we'll see you on monday.

-Previous Head of the board: DK

We practice @ Kåren Mondays 18:30-21:00
Kåren is where we used to practice. We'll be back there when the pandemic has calmed down <3