We are Axelbandet

Made up of mainly students from Åbo Akademi, Novia, Turun Yliopisto and somehow also Germany. We all have some interest in music or at least the musicians lifestyle. People you'd otherwise never meet and wouldn't know you missed.

For over 60 years Axelbandet has filled the parties and after-parties of Åbo, Scandinavia, Europe and the world with the sweet sound of swing, rock, pop and all kinds of dance music. We'll continue for at least 60 more and be remembered for at least 600.

How it all started

Like so many orchestras before us, Axelbandet was once founded and thus we have our own origin story. Out history dates far back to an forgotten era when the world still was young, the stone age had just ended and Kemistklubben was only 30 years old.

It all started then at the dawn of a new age, also known as year 1956. The stories from these mostly forgotten times are few, but the legends are many. Much is gone in a hase of alco-hole, but the scriptures tell us this much: at the Kemistklubbens christmas party, a group of teknologer decides to perform with some horn music. These people are completely ignorant of what their innocent stunt will lead to in the years to come. They all had a feeling that something had changed, and right they were.

23.3.1957 is the day that changed the world. They held their first gig, Axelnatten -57. The sky was cleared, beer was shared and the world was shaking. Like a drowning donkey in aura å, something was rising. And that something was...


After they had had their first gig, their fates were sealed. The band was now reality and Axelnatten was to return year after year.

The member count has gone up from the 5 people playing in labcoats, practice locations have changed, friends have been made and tears have been shed, but our love for music remains.

As time passed Axelbandet started to get more gigs, festivals in other coutries and closer to home, new friends and new memories.

There are stories that will live on forever and stories people want to forget, but Axelbandet have touched the hearths of both its members and audience for over 60 years. We still keep our legacy going, and if we happen to play some correct notes along the way all the better.